Tips for choosing a baby stroller

Tips for choosing a baby stroller

When the family learns about the imminent addition, active preparations begin, everything necessary for the baby is acquired. In the list of things a new born needs, one of the main items is a stroller baby journey. If you are buying this item for the first time, then the lack of experience can put you in a difficult position, choosing the first transport for the child is not an easy task.

Only when the mother herself has to carry the stroller to the floor on her own, because it does not fit into the elevator, or drag it along an uneven road, all the shortcomings become apparent. How to choose a baby stroller so that every walk is an exceptionally pleasant experience?

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Today there is a huge variety of different models, but they can all be divided into 4 main groups:

  1. Classical model

The landing of these models use to be quite high, the child will be dependably protected and will be capable of walking in any weather conditions. The high-positioned box is convenient for parent-to-child communication, so you don’t have to bend low to give your baby a pacifier, toy or water.

When purchasing this model, be prepared for some inconvenience – such models are quite bulky and their weight, as a rule, is quite large. If your house does not have an elevator, it will be quite problematic for mom to carry the stroller and baby on her own, and it is not very convenient to ride with it in public transport. The wheels of classic wheelchairs are non-rotating, therefore their manoeuvrability is minimal in comparison with modular wheelchairs.

A stroller on a classic chassis has a high cross-country ability, this is especially true in winter and in cases when you have to drive on uneven roads. Also, classic strollers have the best shock absorption due to large inflatable wheels and a shock-absorbing chassis, there is a motion sickness function.

  1. A stroller.

Designed for children who already know how to sit on their own. As a rule, these structures are lighter and more compact, they are easy to fold and unfold. Such models are very mobile and practical. Convenient for transportation, when traveling on vacation. For many, the level of the backrest is adjusted to a prone position.

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  1. The stroller is a transformer.

This type of stroller has practically disappeared. The bottom line happens to be that the cradle is misshapen into a walking module. This dubious universal option leads to the fact that the walk may have an uncomfortable seat, and in the state of the cradle, its bottom may not be even, which is harmful for the child and you will have to buy a mattress to somehow level the surface. Such strollers, as a rule, are bulky, uncomfortable, heavy and unwieldy due to the fact that two modules are combined into one. They have long been replaced by modular strollers.

The disadvantages of this category include low cross-country ability in comparison with cradles and parents will often have to lean towards the baby, since the box is located not high from the ground.

It is profitable to purchase a transformer so as not to buy several strollers at once, since you can rebuild the structure from a winter version to a summer one.

  1. Universal or modular stroller.

It is rapidly gaining popularity and has already fallen in love with many parents and kids. In appearance, it looks like a transformer, but it is designed a little differently. A stroller of this type has a frame with a chassis on which you can install a rigid cradle, a walking block, and in some models, also a car seat.